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    Getting Ready

      I guess you can call our style of outdoor adventuring eclectic. This year, we’re planning to get out into the back country. But we also love to mix it up with some front country, base camping in our trailer. Because really, being comfortable is what keeps us getting out there and exploring our provincial parks and conservation areas. We took advantage of a fantastic Spring day to de-winterise the trailer and get ready for our first Spring trip. Smelling that tent smell and prepping for a trip has got us totally excited to hit the road. Destination #1 this year? Algonquin Provincial Park!  

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    A Cabin In The Woods: Glamping at Arrowhead Provincial Park

    Some people call it glamping. Some call it crazy. We called spending a very cold, winter weekend at Arrowhead Provincial Park a little slice of awesome. Our appetites for a cold-weather get-away grew after we spent nearly a week in a yurt at Killarney Provincial Park last year. That trip was awesome, but we decided to move up on the luxury scale for our 2015 winter trip. After seeing stunning photos of Arrowhead’s skating trail we thought renting one of the parks five cabins would be a fun, new experience that provides some creature comforts while allowing us to be a part of everything the park had to offer, even…

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    That Time We Almost Quit Camping Forever

    I was looking through some pictures the other day, remembering our camping trips over the years. Flipping through my snaps was a sentimental journey. There’s Killbear back in ’06  – Emma’s very first camping trip. There’s our first trip to Grundy Lake in ’08 – the one that got us hooked on one of our favourite parks.  And there’s our first time in Killarney with Emma…. Wait a minute. That trip.  Killarney, 2009. That’s the one where we almost quit camping forever. Yes. You read that right.  We almost quit camping forever because of an ill-fated trip to Killarney Provincial Park. Can you believe it? No more camping. No Sometimes Eventful Blog. Or Facebook…

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    Lessons Learned: Tips for winter yurt camping in Killarney Provincial Park

    When we started planning our first-ever Killarney yurt trip, we had a lot of questions. We’re experienced campers, but we had never done it in the winter and we knew when it’s really cold, there are a few unique logistics you need to consider.   To get ready for the trip we read a lot of blogs, watched some cool You Tube videos, read the information available from Ontario Parks and the Friends of Killarney websites and sent some e-mails directly to the folks at Killarney.  But there were still unanswered questions.  So, we made a few assumptions and crossed our fingers as we packed our bags. As it turns…

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    A winter yurt adventure in Killarney Provincial Park: Embrace the cold!

    I used to think people who went winter camping were crazy.  Guess what? They ARE crazy!  I say that with confidence, because we started winter camping in 2014 with a yurt trip in Killarney Provincial Park.   We like doing stuff in winter. But my interest used to only be in activities that lasted a few hours. When the activity is done, we’d retreat to a lodge or our cozy home to warm up.  Alex, on the other hand, had always wanted a bit more adventure in the winter.  As long as we have been married, he has suggested that we go winter camping.   Year after year I told…