• Bright pink water bottle and matching bowl beside rocks, outside.
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    Buddy loves the Bübi Bottle & Bowl, and so do I

    *Sponsored post. Bübi Bottle provided me with free product to check for this post. All opinions are my own. I guess the title of the post is a bit of a spoiler. But you should definitely read the rest of the post to find out why my Jack Russell Terrier Buddy loves the Bübi water bottle. A little while ago, Bübi Bottle sent me an awesome 22 oz (650 ml) bottle and bowl attachment to try out on my adventures with Buddy. I was very excited to replace Buddy’s old, heavy, bulky stainless-steel water bottle. The Bübi  is light-weight silicone and rolls up to a tidy little package when it’s empty. The…

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    Smelling And Feeling Fine With Sam’s Natural Personal Care Products – A Review

    A couple of months ago, I received a package of “personal care” items from a company called Sam’s Natural. Personal Care is a polite way of describing stuff you use on your body to keep you smelling and feeling good. In this case, my personal care items were deodorant, lip balm, hand lotion and a bug repellent. Along with the box of complimentary* items, came the request that I try them out and then let them – and all of you – know what I thought about them. Of course I took them up on the offer. I love trying new products, and I really love sharing my honest opinion. So, after…

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    Another Badger In The Family

    One day in May, way back in 2012, I met a guy named Mike at Guelph Lake. He was selling these awesome paddles in gorgeous colours from a company called Badger Paddles.  They were so beautiful I had to have one. We decided that Emma had to have one, too. Mine is orange. Hers, a purple and teal number made especially for little paddlers. Emma’s was a present for her 7th birthday. Because everyone – especially a 7 year-old beginner paddler – needs some #WildernessBling in their kit.  I didn’t know much about paddles when we first met Mike. But I knew these paddles were special. They are handcrafted by Mike and Fiona…