Rehydrating freeze dried chicken

One of the big reasons we bought a freeze dryer was to prepare a wider variety of proteins for our camping adventures.  In particular, we had high hopes for being able to freeze dry chicken breasts, burger patties and pork chops. Can you imagine chomping down on a whole chicken breast on day 7 of  back country camping?

I don’t know about you, but one of the biggest things I crave by around day three of a trip is to eat a big chunk of meat. Meat that isn’t ground or shredded. Meat that isn’t mixed in with rice or pasta or some sort of sauce because it is ground or shredded.

The first protein we freeze-dried were grilled chicken breasts. And they were AWESOME. No joke, if I served you the chicken for dinner you would have no idea that they had been freeze-dried and stored unrefrigerated weeks before they landed on your plate.

This experiment was such a success, I made a little video to show the process.

Caution: I’m a writer, not a vlogger. This is the first video I’ve ever shot and edited and I was using a new camera. Please forgive my videography sins.


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