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    We Flipped A Canoe (And I didn’t like it)

    This story was originally posted on in 2019 for his “Week of Mancamping Women” series. Go check it out – there are a bunch of great stories over there, and a very cool online store. Mother nature has a way of reminding you who’s boss. When it happens, she makes sure that she scares the crap out of you, teaches you some hard lessons and is sure that you stay humble in her territory. Flipping a canoe was my reminder. In September of 2018, I felt the brunt of that lesson on my last camping trip of the season – an “easy” paddle-in to a site on Algonquin’s Rock Lake,…

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    It’s time for “The Talk” – The PFD talk.

    The outdoors community has been positively quaking with excitement to get outside and get on the water. The liquid kind, not the frozen kind.  My Twitter and Facebook feeds have been full of posts and pictures by people just itching to shake off what seemed like the longest winter ever and dip their paddle in lakes and rivers.  I’ve seen my tweeps launch their canoes all over the province, giddy with excitement. Giddy I tell you! I’ve been living vicariously through those posts.  And happily, most of the pictures I’ve seen have included people and their canine co-pilots wearing Personal Flotation Devices (PFD). Unfortunately, not everyone wears a PFD when they get…

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    Getting Ready

    I keep a “ditch bag” in my daypack every time I go on a trip, even if that trip is a simple day hike. You can never be too prepared for a potential accident! The ditch bag gets packed alongside a small first aid kit with the essentials for trailside first aid. We keep a much more comprehensive first aid kit at our basecamp. Here’s what you will always find in my ditch kit: A waterproof firestarter kit (wooden matches, lighter, tealight candles, fire starter stick, pocket bellows) there is a sticker on the inside of the lid with my name and contact info. A yellow emergency rain poncho An…

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    I’m Certified: Earning Red Cross First Aid Certification Through Blended Learining

    I recently completed my Standard First Aid CPR Level C certification. It was time well-spent gaining knowledge and training about something I hope I never, ever have to use. But let’s get real. With the types of things me and my family do in our spare time, I’m eventually going to use some of that training. In fact, I can count a number of times over the last year or two where I wished I had more formal knowledge to apply first aid treatment, but instead had to reach into the far depths of my memory to provide some basic help. One of the biggest obstacles to taking the training…