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    2016 Wasn’t Totally Crappy

    You know what? Some good stuff happened in 2016. Yes, a lot of really bad stuff happened in 2016, too.  We saw the death of too many iconic people who affected our lives through literature, music and movies. We saw the political landscape change worldwide in a dramatic and frightening way that many of us could never predict or comprehend.  We saw the death of too many innocent men, women and children through acts of war and terror. On a personal level, my Dad had major heart surgery, throwing me into the position of decision maker and caregiver. I applied for numerous jobs but am closing out the year in…

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    A fear of falling: That time I fell on my face and badly broke my confidence

    I am afraid that one day, I will fall and hurt myself very, very badly. I know, I know… nobody wants to fall and hurt themselves. But my fear is big enough that it has rendered me shaking and in tears at doing things other, less fearful people can do without much hesitation. Stuff like hiking down a steep, rocky incline. Or walking across a fallen log to cross a stream, or stepping from stone to stone to cross a creek. Or skiing down the blue runs at our local ski hill. I’m not talking big rivers and mountains here. I’m talking about stuff that an average person with average…

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    The Howling….. A true story

    It happened many years ago, but it stays in my memory as clear as if it happened just a few days ago. In the wilds of Algonquin, I was on my first-ever backcountry trip, on a paddle-in site that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. Our tents and firepit perched on a ridge, overlooking our very own small, sandy beach. We had the lake to ourselves. It was paradise. On the very first night of our trip, we had the Algonquin experience every camper wishes will happen. As the fire crackled and warmed our faces, we heard the haunting howls of a wolf pack. Eerie. Haunting. Frightening. Beautiful.…