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Buddy the Adventure Dog

Buddy joined the Sometimes Eventful family in 2016, bringing so much light and laughter to our little family. He’s astonished more than a few people with his ear-splitting barks and his intense dedication to protecting his family, his property and anything within site around us. Believe me, we are fully aware that this big-dog-in-a-little-dog’s body has some challenges. But here’s the thing: when you rescue a dog, you are also rescuing its problems.

When we brought Buddy home from a Muskoka rescue organization, we pledged to love and protect this dog and dedicated ourselves to providing him with a safe home. We believe that when you rescue an animal you make a “for better or for worse” vow. So here we are today, with a barky little terrier that was MADE to be a loud, fearless, hunter. Jack Russels have strayed very little from their original purpose. Over two centuries, breeders have maintained their dog’s intense prey drive and the bark that goes with it. And breeders have definitely kept the super-smart, fearless and saucy attitudes of these animals.

I often say that Jack Russels are a very misunderstood dog by most people. If you’ve ever had one, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Unfortunately, some of those fantastic Jack Russel hunting traits aren’t great when you live in the ‘burbs, so they need to be taught to live peacefully with their family and neighbours. Sadly, Buddy’s original family didn’t appear to teach him any socialization skills. So, we are continually working on his behavior issues. Thankfully we are seeing progress as he matures, but we also recognize we always need to try and stay one step ahead of this dog.

Buddy was first picked up as a stray in Woodstock, Ontario. The animal control kennel estimated his age to be about 1 year old. When he wasn’t claimed in Woodstock, the kennel contacted Carter’s Forever Rescue and Sanctuary in Bracebridge to bring him into their rescue organization. We found him on Carter’s website, and it was love at first sight. When we travelled from Guelph to Bracebridge for a meet and greet, the little dog with crazy fur and over-the-top enthusiasm had us wrapped around his paw the minute he charged out the door of the rescue. He was meant to be a part of this family.

Buddy’s quirks are also strengths. He’s small but very mighty! This dog has tackled any outdoor adventure we’ve thrown his way. In four years, he’s camped at eight different provincial parks as well as the crown lands of Temagami; camped in all four seasons; and ran beside our bikes the entire length of the Old Railway Trail in Algonquin Park. And, he is becoming a very good canoe dog that guides us from the bow with a keen eye and a steady paw. At those moments, I call him Captain Jack.

Buddy is the great hunter of frogs, the defender of campsites and will find any lost ball – no matter how remote – within range of his leash. (Seriously. He found a ball on an island in the Kawartha Highlands.) He doesn’t care how dirty he gets. He loves a good stick to chew. And at the end of the day, this little dog will leap into your lap around the campfire or snuggle up to your belly in a tent to be a soft, snoring, little bundle of dog that keeps your heart and body warm.

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