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Buddy loves the Bübi Bottle & Bowl, and so do I

*Sponsored post. Bübi Bottle provided me with free product to check for this post. All opinions are my own.

I guess the title of the post is a bit of a spoiler. But you should definitely read the rest of the post to find out why my Jack Russell Terrier Buddy loves the Bübi water bottle.

A little while ago, Bübi Bottle sent me an awesome 22 oz (650 ml) bottle and bowl attachment to try out on my adventures with Buddy. I was very excited to replace Buddy’s old, heavy, bulky stainless-steel water bottle. The Bübi  is light-weight silicone and rolls up to a tidy little package when it’s empty. The Bübi bottle is also fun and funky and the bright pink totally caught my eye. I know. Buddy doesn’t seem like a bright pink kind of guy. But he is totally cool with the colour and didn’t turn his snout up at it all.

Of course, looks aren’t everything. When it comes to gear, durability and practicality are the biggest factors in whether something stays in my kit.

So far, I’ve concluded that the Bübi bottle and bowl has lots of “pros” and only a couple of “problems”.


Light-weight, BPA Free Silicone.

Will not break, shatter or dent.

Rolls into a space-saving bundle.

Can be used for cold or hot beverages.

The bowl attaches to the bottle with the included carabiner.

Dishwasher safe.

Microwave safe and heat-resistant – according to the Bübi website, you can actually place this bottle over a fire and boil water in it.  Think of the possibilities for winter camping with this one. The silicone makes the bottle kind of “squishy”, which would make a nice hot water bottle in the bottom of a sleeping bag.

Offered in 14 oz, 22 oz and 35 oz sizes.

The Bübi website claims that this bottle is pretty much indestructible, which was tested by a gator chomping down on it. I’m really tempted to give this to Buddy to test its breaking point, because that little dog’s chomp is as fierce as any gator. But I’m kind of scared to do this test because I really like my bottle and will miss it if Buddy punctures a hole in it. What do you think? Should I give it to Buddy to chew and video what happens?

Let’s talk about that colour a bit more. Sometimes, I think everyone needs to add a little brightness too their gear. Like a brilliant, beautiful, bright pink! Seriously people, the great outdoors need not be beige. But I get that *some* of you are a tad more discreet… you’re in luck! The Bübi Bottle and Bowl do come in a large range of colours, including camo.


One of the biggest benefitsof the Bübi Bottle, could also be considered a problem with the design. The silicone is soft and my 22 oz bottle doesn’t have  a hard, solid bottom. This causes it to be “tippy” when you set it down and aren’t holding on to it. I brought it into my office one day and did have a spill when I accidentally bumped it on my desk. Luckily, no electronics or important paperwork were harmed while conducting this spontaneous test.

I also tested out it’s standing stability on uneven ground. It tipped over easily when set down on grass, spilling out most of the water.

The soft silicone takes a bit of getting-used to when you hold the bottle up to drink out of it. I don’t know how else to describe it, but the squishy feel of the bottle is a bit…. Strange. I did overcome that, with a bit of practice.

Bübi Bottles are found at various retailers, or you can buy directly from the website. One thing I LOVE about this company, is that you can buy a bunch of different accessories and replacement pieces from the website.  You can outfit your bottle with a flip cap or sports cap lid. You can get a very cool insulator designed for the unique challenges of the silicone for the 22 oz bottle. And, you can replace the standard cap after you’ve accidentally dropped it down a massive crevice in the rocks when you stopped to eat your lunch.

The bowl attachment is made of the same light-weight, BPA free silicone as the bottle. It can act as a cup, bowl or funnel. It’s a clever design where the bowl is actually bottomless, with the bottle cap becoming the bottom of the bowl when you are ready to use it. The key thing to remember with this integrated design, is to take the original bottle cap lid with you if you’ve swapped it out for the flip or sports cap.  Don’t lose that cap, or your bowl won’t work! It was very easy to fit the bowl over the cap when I was ready to give Buddy his turn at using the Bübi, and I was impressed that it didn’t leak water at all.

There is definitely an advantage to having the bowl attachment, even if you don’t have a dog. In particular, you can share the contents of your bottle with someone else and both enjoy a drink at the same time. (Because sometime we just don’t want to take turns or drink out of the same bottle as someone else.)  Take note that the Bübi bowl is sold separately from the bottle.

Ultimately, I really like the Bübi bottle and Bübi bowl, and Buddy loved it right away. He had no problem sticking his snout in the bowl for treats and a drink.  This light-weight, packable duo’s convenience far outweighs any challenges I met with the silicone squishiness.  I would recommend the Bübi bottle and bowl for any outdoors lover and their K9 adventure friends.


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