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An outdoor kid and a badass in ballet shoes

This is Emma. She’s fully embraces her tough and artistic sides and is becoming a woman who has purpose, drive and an independent spirit that will serve her well as she makes her way through the world.

She’s a badass in ballet shoes.

Emma is almost 15 years old and has been an outdoor girl since she was a toddler. She has hiked, paddled and camped in many of Ontario’s provincial and National parks and experienced outdoor adventures in Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and Curacao.

She is also a dancer who spends most of her after-school time in a dance studio working hard to learn and perfect her art, or teacher-assisting classes for younger dancers. When she isn’t dancing in the studio, Emma is dancing with her school team. Jazz is her first love, with ballet coming a close second. Contemporary, tap and musical theatre complete her repertoire, with a dash of hip hop on the side.

This girl even dances when she’s outside and has been found practicing for a ballet exam among the trilliums blooming on a campground in Algonquin Park.

When she isn’t dancing or doing stuff outside, Emma volunteers with organizations who provide programming to children with special needs. Her future goal is to have a career working with children with special needs, and to be able to incorporate dance and creative movement in her work.

There have been a lot of fantastic women in the outdoors, dance and education communities who have influenced Emma’s ambition and shown her through their example and leadership what she can accomplish. These women have proven that you can be an athlete and an artist; a business owner and community leader; compassionate and strong. A lot of these women don’t even realize how much of an impact they’ve had on Emma’s journey.

Today is a perfect day to celebrate all the women who make a difference in the life of a teenager who is emerging as an incredible influence, herself. Thank you for being a part of Emma’s community. Thank you for helping grow her into a person who will continue your legacy of being teachers and leaders.

Huge shout out to the following businesses that are run by incredible, strong women I admire, and one (Algonquin Outfitters) that supports women and girls in the outdoors by featuring them equally in every way.

Photography By: Bean Film
Dance Studio: The Guelph Academy of Dance Inc.
Dance Attire Purchased From: FreeStyle dance & fitness wear
Hiking Boots Purchased From: Algonquin Outfitters
Custom Paddle Purchased From: Badger Paddles… for those who dig the water.

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