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Tooth Fairy Magic

Losing your first tooth is VERY eventful.  Especially if nearly every single kid in your class has already had a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

So when it happens take a picture…

That evening, set out a glass of water beside the bed.  It must be a clear glass. This is important, because when the Tooth Fairy comes….

She will use her magic to turn the water the very same shade as the dress she is wearing!

Emma also wrote a little note for the Tooth Fairy. And guess what? She wrote back! Actually, she used her little, bitty computer, which only has little, bitty fonts.  Em was thrilled to get a message from the magical little lady.  She was even more thrilled to get some money for losing her very first tooth.

It won’t be long before the next loose tooth comes out. I can’t wait to see what the Tooth Fairy has planned for her next visit!

Thanks to my friend Kelly who passed along this little tip about setting out the glass of water!  It was a small gesture that made a BIG impression.  I’d love to know what the Tooth Fairy has done at your house to make her visits a little more eventful.

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  • Anonymous

    Love this, Mason told me all about it! And the computer message from her little tiny computer, genius woman she is!!

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