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The Best Easter Egg Colouring Tip Ever

Thanks to the Egg Farmers of Ontario website, I learned a most useful tip the other day.
It makes doing this….

Way easier.  Which means you can do this….

To get these…

A little easier.

What’s the trick?  Stir the inside of the egg with a needle or toothpick after you poke the first hole, so you loosen-up the stuff inside.  Then, poke the second hole and get blowing.  Seriously – it’s THAT easy.  And it really did work.

We all know it’s impossible to look elegant while blowing out eggs.  And you still won’t look good even after stirring the inside.  But I guarantee it will make the job easier.

Thanks, Egg Farmers of Ontario – this is probably the best Easter egg colouring tip I’ve ever used.

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