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Take a backcountry day trip in Algonquin Park

Every fan of Algonquin’s front-country campgrounds and trails should really taste the wilder side of Ontario’s Provincial Park, away from the Highway 60 corridor running across the park. But that isn’t always an easy thing to do. Maybe you don’t have the time to plan and execute a back country trip. Maybe you don’t have the gear. And I know this is a big one…. Maybe you don’t have the skills/experience or confidence to do a multi-day excursion. I’ve experienced all of these challenges, but my desire to get off the beaten track and see the back country of Algonquin was too big to let them get in the way.

I discovered that day trips are a great way to take a step towards experiencing Algonquin Park off the Highway 60 corridor. That’s where Algonquin Outfitters (AO) has been a huge help for me and my family. Through AO Daytrip packages, Alex, Emma and I have been able to dip our canoe paddles in Hailstorm Creek (twice!), peddle the entire length of the Old Railway Trail on mountain and fat bikes and Kayak Costello Creek.All of these daytrips have helped us move forward to overcoming time and gear challenges, while also developing our skills and gaining confidence through “baby steps” in experiencing Algonquin’s wilder environments. With each daytrip we’ve taken, staff took the time to give advice and instruction and share their experience and passion for getting out there in the park.

Take a look at the Algonquin Outfitters website and you’ll find a few stories that I wrote about our experiences, and then take the next step towards getting into the backcountry by considering a daytrip!

A day on Hailstorm Creek

Kayaking Costello Creek

A Return to Hailstorm Creek

Riding the Old Railway Trail

Feature image and kayaking image courtesy of Algonquin Outfitters.

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