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Oh Christmas Tree! Finding our tree at Evergreen Tree Farm

When I was a kid, we had a plastic Christmas tree. I loved putting it up with my Dad. It was a true Christmas tradition in our house. Dad would put the three pieces of trunk together and make sure it was straight with the level. Then we would very carefully group all the branches by their colour codes. We’d count the branches and cross check them with the guide sheet that came in the tree. And then we’d stick the branches in the trunk, starting from the top and working our way down exactly the way the guide instructed.  How awesomely ’70’s!

Alex has great memories of plastic trees in his youth as well. Including one tree that mice enjoyed a little too much while the tree was in storage during the off-season.

So when Alex and I married, we decided that plastic trees had no place in our home. Nope. It was a real tree or no tree at all.  That’s when we created our own tradition of picking a pre-cut tree from a local lot and enjoying the beautiful sight and scent of real evergreen until just after New Year’s Day.

This year, we decided to try something new.  A real tree would still grace our family room. But this time, we cut our own tree. Yes! We bundled up and paid a visit to Evergreen Tree Farm, just 10 minutes north of Guelph to find the perfect Christmas tree. It was an awesome afternoon outing and the start of a new tradition.

As we walked out to choose our tree we realised that this may not be an easy task. So many trees! Fat ones, skinny ones, tall ones….

Really, really small ones…..

And one that was just right for us.

Cutting it was easy, thanks to the saw provided by Evergreen.

We really wished there was some snow, because it would have been a lot easier to put the tree on a sled and pull it than carry it. Evergreen has the sleds for visitors to borrow. In fact, these folks have everything you need to choose and cut your own tree.  If it were possible, they’d probably even provide the snow!

After mechanically shaking our tree to release all the loose needles, they bound the tree for us so we could load it into our van.  This was a new thing for me – I didn’t realize that a mechanical tree jiggler even existed. (I’m guessing “mechanical tree jiggler” isn’t actually the technical name for this piece of equipment.)

Our visit to Evergreen didn’t end with our tree being wrapped up and ready to go.  We also paid a visit to their little gift shop where we enjoyed hot apple cider and cookies, compliments of the farm.  Mmmmm… it was great to warm up by the wood stove.

After checking out the items created by local crafters and artisans that are sold in the shop, we ended our visit to the tree farm by roasting a few marshmallows over a crackling fire.  For some reason a winter fire always smells different – warmer, more intense. Wonderful!

Thanks, Evergreen Tree Farm!  A fun experience and warm hospitality has ushered a new tradition into the Labuz Family Christmas…. And plastic trees are still not required.

You Should Go! Here’s What You Need To Know….

Evergreen Tree Farm is owned by the Hartman family, and is located about 15 minutes North of Guelph, just off of Hwy 6.

The grow Balsam Fir, White Spruce, White Pine and Blue Spruce trees.

If cutting your own tree isn’t really your thing, Evergreen also offers a selection of pre-cut trees. That means you can still enjoy the farm experience without the work of cutting your own tree.

Hot apple cider, cookies, marshmallows the warmth of a fire and genuine hospitality are all compliments of the Hartman family!

Check out their website for hours of operation, information about their gift shop and directions here: Evergreen Tree Farm.

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  • Margaret Bourne

    This place looks great! We have a fake tree but I might need to encourage Frank to visit Evergreen Tree Farm next year for our very own real tree. Thanks for sharing your experience and for inspiring me!

  • patti

    I have been to this tree farm and a nicer family, you would be hard to fine. friendly courteous and very helpful. If you really want the full cutting your own tree experience , visit the EVERGREEN TREE FARM. You won't regret it. thanx

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