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Gifts for the Geocacher on your list

I have a few friends who are new to the game of geocaching, which means I also have a few friends who have family members looking for gift ideas.  So here you go,  friends and family of the geocache-obesessed….  The First-Ever Sometimes Eventful  Christmas Gift Guide for Geocachers.

The ultimate gift:  A GPS! 

Our first GPS, the Garmin eTrex, in a case.

I’m going to spare you a bunch of techie-geek-out details.  Instead, I’m just going to give you a recommendation.

We started with a Garmin eTrex, and found it to be a very handy little device.  If you’re buying for a new geocacher, this is a great unit.  

Once we started getting more experienced in the game, we found that it didn’t give us quite what we wanted so it was time to upgrade.  

Now we have a Garmin GPSMAP 62sc and we love it!  It gives us everything we want AND has a camera for quick pics on the trail.  This is an awesome unit for someone who is really into the geocaching or being a techie on the trail.
Both of these units are available at a number of retail stores, both on-line and in-store We bought our GPSMAP 62sc at Mountain Equipment Co-Op.

The fun stuff:  Geoswag and items for creating geocaches

If you’re looking for something a little less pricey, but still a lot of fun go for some geoswag! 
  • Travel bugs
  • Trackable window stickers/magnetic stick-ons for the car
  • Trackable patches to sew onto a backpack or geo-bag.
  • Trackable tags for the geo-dog
  • Geocoins

In my area, the only way to get your hands on these items is to buy them on line.  We’ve had great service from  and  These are both Canadian-based on-line stores and offer some of the best prices around.

Is the geocacher on your list into hiding caches?  These goodies will definitely make the day merry:
  • Official geocaching containers.  The Pelican Cache Container is beautiful!
  • Official log sheets
  • Fake bolts, pine cones, logs….. this is the stuff cache hiders dream about.
  • Camo-patterned, dark green or brown duct tape (Available wherever duct tape is sold)
  • Unofficial geocaching containers. Go crazy buying “lock ‘n lock” style containers at your local dollar store.
Camo tape and a dollar store container. Seriously fun for the geocacher.
 How nice would this be under the Christmas Tree??

Again, check out the selection online for official merchandise and the containers that look like pine cones, rocks, bolts, etc.

And finally, there’s the stuff that I think every geocacher should have in their kit when they head out on the next hunt….

The tools to do it right:  What every geocacher needs in their kit

  • A Premium Membership on Purchase it right on the site.
  • An all-weather pen.  Raining? Freezing? Too hot? Who cares! This type of pen will handle it all.   
  • Waterproof notebook.  An excellent accessory for the all-weather pen. 
  • A pair of tweezers. For one cache they’re used to remove a log book. For the next cache, they could come in handy to remove splinters, bee stingers or pine needles from the cacher.
  • A travel/backpack sized first aid kit.
  • A small backpack dedicated for geocaching.  We use the Ridgemont Daypack from Mountain Equipment Cooperative. (MEC)  It’s perfect for caching… small, lightweight and perfect for just the essentials to hit the geotrail.  We keep it hanging in the mudroom with all the gear in it, all the time.  Perfect to just grab and go!
  • Texting gloves for the cacher who uses their phone for geocaching.  
  • A mini flashlight

Happy shopping! And don’t worry, you don’t need to actually use a GPS or be a geocacher to find any of these gifts…. you just need to have a geocacher on your list.  And if YOU are a geocacher, make sure you pass this post along to anyone who may be searching for the perfect gift to put under your tree.

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