Getting Ready

I keep a “ditch bag” in my daypack every time I go on a trip, even if that trip is a simple day hike. You can never be too prepared for a potential accident!

The ditch bag gets packed alongside a small first aid kit with the essentials for trailside first aid. We keep a much more comprehensive first aid kit at our basecamp.

Here’s what you will always find in my ditch kit:

  • A waterproof firestarter kit (wooden matches, lighter, tealight candles, fire starter stick, pocket bellows) there is a sticker on the inside of the lid with my name and contact info.
  • A yellow emergency rain poncho
  • An emergency blanket
  • A compass
  • A paracord bracelet that has a whistle on the clasp.
  • My neck knife. (Most of the time, I wear the knife. But if I’m not wearing it, this is where it goes)

I could also add a small roll of duct tape and water purification tablets, but they are already in the first aid kit.

Everything gets packed into a lightweight, waterproof ditty bag.

Do you think I’m missing anything? What do you carry in your ditch bag?

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