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Envy Camera Harness

I have found the solution to easing the discomfort of wearing my DSLR when I get out on the trail!

An essential tool that is always in my gear kit is a camera. I take a lot of pictures with my phone, but I always like to have “my good camera” – a Nikon DSLR –  with me to capture those shots that a phone simply can’t handle,  like wild animals from a safe distance.

I find that the biggest drawback to carrying a DSLR is dealing with the bulk and weight of the camera, especially when I have a zoom lens attached. I usually keep it around my neck so I don’t miss anything trying to pull my camera out of my backpack. But it is incredibly uncomfortable to hike with the weight of my camera hanging from the back of my neck with a traditional camera starp, and bouncing on my chest. A lot of my lady followers will know EXACTLY what I mean. When I started to look for a solution, I wanted something that was designed specifically for women. So when I saw an Envy Straps ad featuring products made for female photographers, I had to look into it. I discovered that Envy Straps is a Canadian company, which sealed the deal to put one of their camera harnesses on my gear wishlist.  I must have been a very good girl, because I was given the harness for Christmas last year.

Now that I’ve used the harness for a full year in all kinds of conditions, I feel I can give it a fair recommendation.

Results: I love my Envy Camera harness!

My biggest need from the harness was to relieve the weight and pressure from my camera on my neck. The harness immediately achieved that goal and hasn’t let me down through four seasons of hiking and taking pictures.

The harness is made from strong elasticised straps in comes in small to XX-large sizes. It is adjustable making it easy to fit over a t-shirt or a bulky winter jacket, and has just enough “give” to be comfortable to wear no matter how much you move around going up and down rocky trails. In my experience, the straps did not bunch up under the arms and always stayed where it was supposed to be.

An added bonus to the Envy Camera Harness is that it is super easy to attach to your camera with simple (yet strong) clips. You do not need to remove your neck strap to wear the harness. Getting ready to hit the trail with your camera is fast and easy with this piece of equipment.

Envy offers an additional chest clip for the harness, allowing you to keep a long lens close to the body. I don’t have this attachment for my harness, but I am seriously considering ordering one. Based on my experience with my harness, it will make an already excellent product even better.

The best thing about the Envy camera harness, is the way it completely stopped the pressure (and resulting pain and headache) on the back of my neck. No more neck strain. No more gross, sweaty camera strap irritating my skin.  It is simple, well-designed, durable, functional and comfortable to wear. I highly recommend it to anyone who carries a DSLR on the trail.

Envy offers a number of other products on their website – all proudly made in Alberta, Canada. I like my harness so much, I’ve added a few different Envy items to my Christmas list this year to round out my Canadian-made, comfortable, camera accessory collection.

To find out more about Envy Camera straps and harnesses, check out their website at:

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