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    An Easter Tradition: Hunting eggs for National Service Dogs

    Good Friday is egg hunting day for us. But this isn’t any ordinary egg hunt. This one involves the keen hunting skills of a canine partner. Ok. To be honest, it involves typical doggy over-exuberance, and it really doesn’t involve much actual hunting.  But it’s a great way to get outside with our families and furry partners to help out an excellent organization.  Each year, hundreds of dogs and their families gather to hunt Easter eggs in several Ontario cities and raise funds for National Service Dogs (NSD).  Buddy, our newest member of the family did a great job carrying on our tradition of taking part in this hunt. Let’s DO…

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    Skiing Hockley Valley Resort

    We finally got out for our first day of skiing this season! We made our way over to Hockley Valley Resort in Orangeville, Ontario to spend a fun day of family time on the hills.  We think this resort is a hidden gem, and have loved it every time we have spent a day skiing there. Hockley Valley Resort is a small facility, offering 15 runs for skiing and snowboarding. While the resort states that there are runs offered for all skill levels, keep in mind that 50 per cent of the hills are rated as Black Diamonds and there is just one green run above the “bunny hill” level.…

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    I Get Around

    Every now an then, I write posts for other blogs. There’s a chance that you may have missed them over the past year and a bit, if you don’t follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or if you don’t follow the other blogs that post my stories. So I thought I should share the links here.  Enjoy! Algonquin Outfitters Blog:  Riding The Old Railway Trail A Day on Algonquin’s Hailstorm Creek Parks Blogger Ontario:  Gear Review: The Svante Freden Reflector Oven Geocaching Adds Adventure To Getting Outside Tips For Booking an Ontario Parks Campsite Fall: The Best Time of Year to Explore Ontario Parks Guelph Hiking Trail Club Newsletter A…

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    A walk on the wildlife side

    One of the great things about getting out to the provincial and national parks and conservation areas is having the opportunity to encounter some really cool wildlife. These are the critters you would rarely or never encounter in your city neighbourhood. This year we’ve had some awesome up-close-and personal meetings with Ontario’s wild residents. I already told you about the moose, frogs and turtles we came across in Algonquin Park back in the Spring. So, I thought I’d share a little summer wildlife roll call with you. Here’s who we’ve met so far this summer… Please note – wild animals deserve our utmost respect. Many of these photos were taken with…

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    Kamping and Glamping meet at the Toronto West KOA

    When it comes to experiencing the awesomeness of the Ontario outdoors, we’re willing to try just about anything to “get out there”. We’ve backpacked and canoed our way into the backcountry, and three or four times a year we take our tent trailer to front-country/car-camping campgrounds in our fabulous provincial parks.  Most of the time, this kind of camping lifestyle suits us just fine. But let’s face it, camping can be hard work, dirty and uncomfortable – even with a pop-up trailer.  So every now and then, when the outdoors calls to us, we want our experience to be really, truly comfortable. Maybe even a little pampered. Sometimes, we want to get away from it all…

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    The Little Things Of An Algonquin Spring

    We camped at Algonquin Provincial Park on Victoria Day weekend, claiming bragging rights to officially being four-season visitors to the park.  Fall is still my very favourite time of year to visit the park, but our Spring trip certainly didn’t disappoint us. It was a privilege to experience the sights and sounds of the park  awakening, stretching and smiling after a long, cold winter.  We hiked a bit and paddled a bit over the weekend. While we saw a lot of the big things that make the park famous, we also took time to focus on the little things that make an Algonquin Spring….