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    8 Tips to Make Booking an Ontario Parks Campsite Easier

    Have you started booking your spring and summer camping trips yet?  If you are a back country or crown land camper, you don’t need to worry about registering far in advance as much as the rest of us. But if you plan on staying in an Ontario Parks organized campground you need to plan ahead and get yourself booked to avoid disappointment.  Here are eight tips to help you book your trips to Ontario Parks.  1) Be aware that Ontario Parks and Canada Parks are run by two different governments and have two different registration systems. The Canada Parks Pass does not apply to any of our Ontario Parks, and…

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    A Moody Shoreline And A Moment To Reflect

    I have wanted to visit the Temagami region for over 20 years. I first learned about the area when it became a hot topic in the mainstream media, with reports of the old-growth pines being in danger from logging and mining. I wasn’t a big camper back then, and I thought that Temagami was very, very far away. But I did think to myself that one day I would like to see those 300 year-old trees. Over the years, Temagami and its trees moved to a back corner in my brain. Not forgotten, really. But not thought about, either. Then, with the advent of social media and my jump into…

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    Stepping through the trees at Treetop Trekking

    A walk in the forest is often touted as a therapeutic and peaceful venture. But sometimes, a trek in the woods actually results in elevated levels of excitement and adventure (and possible anxiety). Especially when you’re trekking through the forest canopy, using ropes and logs and nets and cables as your trail. Last summer we celebrated Father’s Day with an afternoon at Treetop Trekking at their Brampton location, and discovered that it was an incredible activity to do together as a family. We had talked about zip lining together for a few years, since our first experience zipping through the trees on a vacation in Costa Rica in 2012 got us hooked on…

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    – 42 at Mew: The time we stayed in an Algonquin yurt on the coldest weekend EVER.

    A few years ago, we discovered how awesome it is to experience winter in an Ontario park. It started with staying in a yurt in Killarney. Then we opted for more luxurious accommodations and stayed in a cabin at Arrowhead. In 2016, we decided to officially check-off four seasons of camping in Algonquin Park with four days in a yurt at Mew Lake Campground. With each trip, we have learned something new. And with each trip we have had amazing experiences. Camping at Mew Lake on Family Day Weekend, 2016 was no exception. In fact, that year was really special. We were active participants in Algonquin at the lowest recorded…

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    Snowshoeing the Stubb’s Falls Trail at Arrowhead Provincial Park

    When the air is so cold, your nostrils stick together after taking a deep breath…. When the sky is so blue, the snow glistens like it’s sprinkled with glitter…. When the snow is so deep, that only snowshoes or skis make sense….. That’s the perfect time to hit the trails. With all of those perfect conditions coming together, we discovered that the Stubb’s Falls Snowshoe Trail at Arrowhead Provincial Park is  great for a couple of hours of family-friendly snowshoeing.  Huntsville typically has so much more snow than our area in Southern Ontario, and we couldn’t wait to get out there and enjoy it when we visited Arrowhead for a little…

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    Not quite a deserted island: Camping on Georgian Bay’s Flowerpot Island

    There are a quite a few experiences that have made their way onto the Sometimes Eventful “Bucket List”.   Camping on Flowerpot Island in Fathom Five National Marine Park of Canada is one of them, and we happily checked it off this summer, when we spent two nights on the island at the end of June.  It was truly a unique thing to do, giving us great family time in the outdoors, as well as a wide-eyed view of this very popular tourist destination in Ontario’s Georgian Bay. You go for the views. This is one of the infamous Flowerpots. There are two of these rock pillars on the island…