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Being an outdoors enthusiast creeps into every aspect of our life, including the stuff we read, how we decorate our homes, where we shop and the places we visit in our travels.

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    Rules? What Rules? Camp Rules….

    Summer! It’s that long-awaited season of kicking off the formalities and heading outside to do… Whatever the heck we want to do! The rules are different in summer. Waaayyyyy different. Especially when you go camping. Here are the Sometimes Eventful camp rules. What are some of yours?   Camp Rules posters are available for $20 per poster, including shipping! Printed on quality poster-paper, they are perfect for the cottage, gear room, kids room or office! Send me a message to order you copy using the contact form here on the site.

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    When #WeGetOutside, We Read About It

    One of the things we love to do on a camping trip is catch-up on our reading. That’s usually when I go “old school” and take one or two printed books along with me. Sometimes the books are fiction, sometimes they aren’t.  When we aren’t on a trip, Alex and I love to read other people’s tips, and true stories on blogs and social media to learn more about the stuff we like to do outside. Like a lot of things we do and love, this sparked an idea for a couple of different #WeGetOutside Twitter chat topics. As usual, there were lots of great recommendations for books and blogs…

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    Getting Ready

      I guess you can call our style of outdoor adventuring eclectic. This year, we’re planning to get out into the back country. But we also love to mix it up with some front country, base camping in our trailer. Because really, being comfortable is what keeps us getting out there and exploring our provincial parks and conservation areas. We took advantage of a fantastic Spring day to de-winterise the trailer and get ready for our first Spring trip. Smelling that tent smell and prepping for a trip has got us totally excited to hit the road. Destination #1 this year? Algonquin Provincial Park!  

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    That Time We Almost Quit Camping Forever

    I was looking through some pictures the other day, remembering our camping trips over the years. Flipping through my snaps was a sentimental journey. There’s Killbear back in ’06  – Emma’s very first camping trip. There’s our first trip to Grundy Lake in ’08 – the one that got us hooked on one of our favourite parks.  And there’s our first time in Killarney with Emma…. Wait a minute. That trip.  Killarney, 2009. That’s the one where we almost quit camping forever. Yes. You read that right.  We almost quit camping forever because of an ill-fated trip to Killarney Provincial Park. Can you believe it? No more camping. No Sometimes Eventful Blog. Or Facebook…

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    Gifts for the Geocacher on your list

    I have a few friends who are new to the game of geocaching, which means I also have a few friends who have family members looking for gift ideas.  So here you go,  friends and family of the geocache-obesessed….  The First-Ever Sometimes Eventful  Christmas Gift Guide for Geocachers. The ultimate gift:  A GPS!  Our first GPS, the Garmin eTrex, in a case. I’m going to spare you a bunch of techie-geek-out details.  Instead, I’m just going to give you a recommendation. We started with a Garmin eTrex, and found it to be a very handy little device.  If you’re buying for a new geocacher, this is a great unit.   Once we…