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Being an outdoors enthusiast creeps into every aspect of our life, including the stuff we read, how we decorate our homes, where we shop and the places we visit in our travels.

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    Buddy the Adventure Dog

    Buddy joined the Sometimes Eventful family in 2016, bringing so much light and laughter to our little family. He’s astonished more than a few people with his ear-splitting barks and his intense dedication to protecting his family, his property and anything within site around us. Believe me, we are fully aware that this big-dog-in-a-little-dog’s body has some challenges. But here’s the thing: when you rescue a dog, you are also rescuing its problems. When we brought Buddy home from a Muskoka rescue organization, we pledged to love and protect this dog and dedicated ourselves to providing him with a safe home. We believe that when you rescue an animal you make…

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    An outdoor kid and a badass in ballet shoes

    This is Emma. She’s fully embraces her tough and artistic sides and is becoming a woman who has purpose, drive and an independent spirit that will serve her well as she makes her way through the world. She’s a badass in ballet shoes. Emma is almost 15 years old and has been an outdoor girl since she was a toddler. She has hiked, paddled and camped in many of Ontario’s provincial and National parks and experienced outdoor adventures in Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and Curacao. She is also a dancer who spends most of her after-school time in a dance studio working hard to learn and perfect her art, or…

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    How To Dehydrate Apple Slices

    We’ve dehydrated food for camping trips for years, but for some strange reason, we never dehydrated apples.  I know. It’s weird. Apples are one of the easiest things to dehydrate and a staple in many camper’s food barrels and backpacks.  I changed that recently when I sliced up a few apples that nobody seemed interested in eating and threw them in the dehydrater.  They turned out awesome. In fact, they disappeared in a matter of days and are now a snacking staple in our house. I’m going to have to hide some the next time I make a batch so we can actually take them on a trip. Dehydrating apples isn’t…

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    Three +1 ways to “give back”

    Anybody who spends time outdoors will tell you that they get something special from the experience. That something special is unique to every single person. It could be physical or mental health benefits, family bonding time, personal rejuvenation, creative inspiration…. the list is endless. One thing that I’ve noticed in the outdoors community, is that thing we get from being outside often translates into something we want to give back or to pay forward to others so that they can get something special from getting outside, too. I know many of you reading this already give back or pay it forward to your community in some way. I also know…

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    10 Tips For Joining A Twitter Chat

    One of the best things about the outdoors community online is their willingness to share stories and information and welcome others with open arms. On Twitter, there are several regularly scheduled “Chats” each week that bring outdoor enthusiasts of all levels and disciplines together to talk about a common love of the outdoors. If you’re on Twitter, joining a chat is a great way to learn something, or to simply connect with people who share your passion for getting outside. For example, Sometimes Eventful created and hosts the #WeGetOutside chat every Tuesday. It’s Canada’s only weekly, outdoors Twitter chat! We love to share information, learn from each other, tell stories…