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    An outdoor kid and a badass in ballet shoes

    This is Emma. She’s fully embraces her tough and artistic sides and is becoming a woman who has purpose, drive and an independent spirit that will serve her well as she makes her way through the world. She’s a badass in ballet shoes. Emma is almost 15 years old and has been an outdoor girl since she was a toddler. She has hiked, paddled and camped in many of Ontario’s provincial and National parks and experienced outdoor adventures in Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and Curacao. She is also a dancer who spends most of her after-school time in a dance studio working hard to learn and perfect her art, or…

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    The other side of the story

    Let’s be real for a moment.  As much as we like to get outside and do stuff, there are times Emma just doesn’t want to.  So what is an outdoor parent to do? In our text-book, listen-to-the-experts parenting moments, we make our ideas to hit the trail, paddle the canoe or search for geocaches sound like irresistible adventures filled with scavenger hunts and the wonders of the world around us. In our luke-warm parenting moments, we bribe her to go just a little bit longer on a trail. Heck. We’ve bribed her just to get to the trail-head. In our less-than-stellar parenting moments, we just yell at her and “make”…

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    Three +1 ways to “give back”

    Anybody who spends time outdoors will tell you that they get something special from the experience. That something special is unique to every single person. It could be physical or mental health benefits, family bonding time, personal rejuvenation, creative inspiration…. the list is endless. One thing that I’ve noticed in the outdoors community, is that thing we get from being outside often translates into something we want to give back or to pay forward to others so that they can get something special from getting outside, too. I know many of you reading this already give back or pay it forward to your community in some way. I also know…

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    EVERY kid deserves a chance to go to camp (and why I support Tim Hortons Camp Day)

    Being a typical Canadian, it doesn’t take much convincing for me to stop in at Tim Hortons.  But on Camp Day, I make a special point to grab a double-double for myself and treat some friends, because supporting Tim Horton Camps is important to me.  Here’s why…. Did you go to summer camp? Do you remember how awesome it was?  I went to a sleep-away Brownie camp when I was around 8 or 9 years-old and it was my first taste of independence from my parents. I remember doing crafts with stuff we found in nature and I can still feel the frigid cold of the lake as though it was…

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    Every kid should go to camp

    Last year, I went to camp with Emma and her Grade 6 classmates for a year-end camp trip to Camp Brebeuf in Rockwood, Ontario. We spent almost 3 days and 2 nights outside, except for when we slept and ate our meals.  As a parent volunteer, it was pretty cool to experience (again) how powerful camp can be for kids. It has been a long, long time since I was a camp counsellor (BEST SUMMERS EVER!!!) but being at camp with the kids brought it all back and just reaffirmed what I have known since I led my own campers when I was a teenager…. Every kid should go to camp. I don’t…

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    Girls Belong Here

    #GirlsBelongHere. They belong in the outdoors where they get dirty and test their limits and learn to be strong when faced by the challenges of nature as well as the people around them. #GirlsBelongHere because it as much their right to experience the joy of nature and all the rewards it offers. #GirlsBelongHere because what they learn outside will stay with them when they go inside. Emma is an outdoors girl who is growing into a strong and independent young woman. I think that being raised as an outdoor child and given the opportunity to get dirty, to explore and to be challenged has a lot to do with it.…