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    Rocking Rockwood and Power-Camping

    You’ve heard of power-shopping. Let me introduce you to the concept of power-camping…. Two nights.  One full day. A trailer. A dog. Our kid and her friend.That one day included:  geocaching (twice!) swimming canoeing (twice!) fishing hiking, and… a campfire (both nights, actually) complete with roasted hot dogs, polish sausage and smores.   And that, my friends, is power camping.Where the heck can you accomplish such a feat? We totally rocked it at Rockwood Conservation Area – an awesome spot 20 minutes outside of Guelph, Ontario that is part of the Grand River Conservation Authority. Since Rockwood is practically in my backyard, I’ve been there more times than I can count. But I…

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    Show me the Cache!

    Geocaching is addictive.  Just ask my friend Jennifer over at McDougall Photography – The Blog.  Jennifer is a fellow blogger, and works with me at my day job.  She is also a great friend.  We bonded over steak sandwiches about a year ago, became cubicle neighbours a few months ago and have since discovered that we have similar taste in books, humour and a few other random things. Jennifer has also proven to have a taste for adventure and spontaneity.  Which, in my books, rates even higher on the friendship checklist than a love for a good steak sandwich with a side of fries.  Those quality also rate high as prerequisites for being a…

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    Treasure hunts and secret stairways

    The Littlest Labuz hates hiking.  At least she did until today.  Today, she discovered that a little walk in the woods, or along a riverbank can yield some really cool new discoveries. We went Geocaching today, for the first time ever.  What the heck is Geocaching? It’s a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game. You head outside to try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices. When you find the treasure you sign a log-book in the container and leave a little token behind.  It takes hiking, or just a nice walk to a new level. Alex and I have always enjoyed hiking and have been secretly disappointed that Em doesn’t share our…