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    Girl Greatness Goes Geocaching

    It was Earth Day last week, which was the perfect reason to help Emma’s Brownie Unit get outside to learn a bit about geocaching and do some Spring trail cleaning. (Ok. I don’t really need an actual reason to do anything related to geocaching or getting out on a trail. But hey – Earth Day? Spending time outside with Em and a bunch of  her 7 – 8 year-old friends? If I actually needed a reason – those are really good ones.) Getting ready for the Brownie Geo-adventure took a bit of pre-planning.  A couple of weeks before our geo-date the Brownies handmade “hat crafts” to place in the geocaches.…

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    Walking on water – the advantage of winter geocaching

    Winter geocaching is cool. Literally.  To really enjoy it you need to bundle up in multiple layers and be prepared to face snow, ice, wind  and  – if you’re lucky – the harsh glare of the sun reflecting off the snow as you hike along searching for treasure. It’s also cool in the “Whoa – awesome experience” kind of way.  Because winter geocaching is one of the only ways you get the opportunity to walk on water. Heading across the frozen lake.  But first, we had to check out the skating rink.  One frosty day in January, we checked out Puslinch Lake to solve an earth cache and nab a…

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    Gifts for the Geocacher on your list

    I have a few friends who are new to the game of geocaching, which means I also have a few friends who have family members looking for gift ideas.  So here you go,  friends and family of the geocache-obesessed….  The First-Ever Sometimes Eventful  Christmas Gift Guide for Geocachers. The ultimate gift:  A GPS!  Our first GPS, the Garmin eTrex, in a case. I’m going to spare you a bunch of techie-geek-out details.  Instead, I’m just going to give you a recommendation. We started with a Garmin eTrex, and found it to be a very handy little device.  If you’re buying for a new geocacher, this is a great unit.   Once we…

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    Logging A Milestone Find: 100 Geocaches

    We reached a geocaching milestone this weekend. 100 finds! This is what 100 finds looks like: Even Hope the Geo-Wonder-Dog was smiling. We reached our milestone at Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area on (Canadian) Thanksgiving Monday. How cool is that? It’s a beautiful spot for a significant find.   How perfect is it that name of the cache is “She Was Stunning”? Yes – the views were stunning, the trail was stunning and finding 100 caches was stunning. There were a LOT of people around, which isn’t really ideal for looking for secret, hidden containers using a GPS. In fact, I’ve never seen the trails so busy.  And I’m guessing most…

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    Geocaching. You know you’re into it when…..

    We started geocaching earlier this year.  It didn’t take long for us to discover that this is a great outdoor pursuit that our family can enjoy together, just about everywhere we go. Six months later, this little hobby seems to have turned into a bit of an obsession.  The other day, Alex looked me straight in the eye and said… “I think we’re geogeeks”. I’m not sure if he was looking for validation or intervention.   So I went with validation.  And I added some reassurance that I’m right there with him for the georide. If you’re into geocaching, you may have a raging case of geogeekism just like us. Here are…