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    A little bit of fishing at Robert Edmondson Conservation Area, Halton

    We had a quick “glamping” get-away at the Toronto West KOA which gave us a great opportunity to do some exploring at two different Halton Conservation parks in one day. Yes! Two parks in one day! Living on the doorstep of these awesome parks for a couple of nights meant that our Saturday could be spent quickly moving between conservation areas and taking advantage of Halton’s “One fee, Seven parks” deal. That’s right, you pay one entrance fee at any of the parks and you have in and out privileges at all seven Halton conservation parks that day. The first day of our getaway marked the opening day of Ontario…

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    A Day On Algonquin Park’s Hailstorm Creek

    Did you know that a canoeing venture into Algonquin Park’s back country can be done as a day trip? Back country bliss. This was the Algonquin Park we were seeking on a day trip paddling Hailstorm Creek. We’ve been to Algonquin Provincial Park a bunch of times, with each visit giving us a different glimpse into this amazing parcel of Ontario nature. For the most part, we stick to campgrounds and trails located along the Highway 60 corridor.  But recently we decided to do something a little different that would give us a small taste of what the park has to offer off the beaten track.  We booked a water…

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    9 Camp Activities To Keep Kids Busy

    We started camping with Emma when she was 18 months old. We quickly learned that we didn’t have to bring a lot of toys to camp, but we did need to have some activities to keep her busy while we took care of “grown-up” chores around the site, or to keep her interested and engaged on hikes. Most of my ideas have come from my own memories of Girl Guide crafting, activities I did with kids when I was a camp counselor, and a nature-focus on activities Emma already enjoys at home. There are also lots of books, blogs and websites that can provide hours of fun ideas. With camping…

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    Lessons Learned: Tips for winter yurt camping in Killarney Provincial Park

    When we started planning our first-ever Killarney yurt trip, we had a lot of questions. We’re experienced campers, but we had never done it in the winter and we knew when it’s really cold, there are a few unique logistics you need to consider.   To get ready for the trip we read a lot of blogs, watched some cool You Tube videos, read the information available from Ontario Parks and the Friends of Killarney websites and sent some e-mails directly to the folks at Killarney.  But there were still unanswered questions.  So, we made a few assumptions and crossed our fingers as we packed our bags. As it turns…

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    New Experiences: Go lie on the lake

    On the coldest night of our Killarney yurt camping adventure, we took a little night hike to George Lake to try an idea we got from an article written by well-know Canadian outdoorsman Kevin Callan.  As we walked through the forest from our yurt, we could hear the trees popping and cracking with the cold, joining the rhythmic crunch of snow under our boots.  It was eerie to walk through the forest feeling completely alone in the park. There were no other campfires that night and if there was any light or movement from the neighbouring yurts, we didn’t see it. When we got to the lake we walked on the…

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    A winter yurt adventure in Killarney Provincial Park: Embrace the cold!

    I used to think people who went winter camping were crazy.  Guess what? They ARE crazy!  I say that with confidence, because we started winter camping in 2014 with a yurt trip in Killarney Provincial Park.   We like doing stuff in winter. But my interest used to only be in activities that lasted a few hours. When the activity is done, we’d retreat to a lodge or our cozy home to warm up.  Alex, on the other hand, had always wanted a bit more adventure in the winter.  As long as we have been married, he has suggested that we go winter camping.   Year after year I told…