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    EVERY kid deserves a chance to go to camp (and why I support Tim Hortons Camp Day)

    This year’s Tim Hortons Camp Day is June 6! Being a typical Canadian, it doesn’t take much convincing for me to stop in at Tim Hortons.  But on Camp Day, I make a special point to grab a double-double for myself and treat some friends, because supporting Tim Horton Camps is important to me.  Here’s why…. Did you go to summer camp? Do you remember how awesome it was?  I went to a sleep-away Brownie camp when I was around 8 or 9 years-old and it was my first taste of independence from my parents. I remember doing crafts with stuff we found in nature and I can still feel the…

  • Places and Spaces

    Getting Outside, Locally: Four Ways To Find A Nature Fix Close To Your Urban Home

    We all know that getting outside in nature is a curing prescription for all kinds of ailments. The great thing about this prescription is that it is often free and easy to obtain. But if you don’t live in an area that is traditionally thought to be an outdoor adventure lovers’ playground, it’s easy to get trapped into thinking you have to drive at least a few hours to find the right spot, making it easy to put off taking a good healthy dose of “outside”.  It’s also easy to think that provincial and national parks are the only way to experience the outdoors. As awesome as our recognized, government-run…

  • Outdoor Lifestyle

    Rules? What Rules? Camp Rules….

    Summer! It’s that long-awaited season of kicking off the formalities and heading outside to do… Whatever the heck we want to do! The rules are different in summer. Waaayyyyy different. Especially when you go camping. Here are the Sometimes Eventful camp rules. What are some of yours?   Camp Rules posters are available for $20 per poster, including shipping! Printed on quality poster-paper, they are perfect for the cottage, gear room, kids room or office! Send me a message to order you copy using the contact form here on the site.

  • Safety

    It’s time for “The Talk” – The PFD talk.

    The outdoors community has been positively quaking with excitement to get outside and get on the water. The liquid kind, not the frozen kind.  My Twitter and Facebook feeds have been full of posts and pictures by people just itching to shake off what seemed like the longest winter ever and dip their paddle in lakes and rivers.  I’ve seen my tweeps launch their canoes all over the province, giddy with excitement. Giddy I tell you! I’ve been living vicariously through those posts.  And happily, most of the pictures I’ve seen have included people and their canine co-pilots wearing Personal Flotation Devices (PFD). Unfortunately, not everyone wears a PFD when they get…