A little Hike, A Few Geocaches and Some History

Our paddles and camping gear have been cleaned and officially put away until next year. So now, our outdoor adventures focus more on local trails. We’re really fortunate to live close to lots of beautiful trails, steeped in local history. We of often head to one of the Guelph Hiking Trail Clubmaintained trails to enjoy an hour or two outside, close to home. We’re also fortunate that these trails have a lot of geocaches hidden along the path!
This weekend, we returned to a section of the Radial Line Trail. We’ve hiked here once before, but decided to return to find some new geocaches that had been placed along the trail this summer. (Spoiler alert: We found them!)
The thing that is so cool about geocaching is that it takes you to spots you would otherwise never know existed. Spots like this stone foundation, tucked into the trees and covered in moss, just off the trail. If we were not looking for a geocache, we would have wandered right past this moss-covered foundation without ever realising they were there.
Old ruins like these always stimulate my imagination. My curiosity lights-up and for the rest of the hike I wonder…. Who lived in the house? Why was it abandoned and left for ruin? How old is it? What was life like for these people, tucked back from the road and very far away from town? 
Small hints exist, like the apple trees that still shed apples in early fall. But other than the moss-covered foundation, little else remains of the people that once lived there. 
Maybe I’ll do some research to see what I can find about this property. But until then, I’ll continue to wonder and my imagination will continue to ignite as the forest continues to reclaim the land.

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