500 Geocaches! Logging a major milestone

We found our 500th geocache on Sunday! We were so excited to hit the milestone, we even hiked to it with a special sign Alex made a couple of weeks ago. Yes. We really are THAT geeky.

Since we haven’t taught Buddy how to use the camera and we wanted him to be in the shot, Alex set up the timer, placed the camera on a log and we ended up with this picture to mark the occasion. Well… this and the awesome memory of finding our 500th.

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When we hit The Bruce Trail this last weekend, the BIG goal was to make a milestone geocache find. We chose this section of the trail to find our 500th with intent.  We wanted a memorable location for a memorable geocache.  It could not have been a more perfect day, with bluebird skies and spring flowers blooming right in front of our eyes.


What does 500 finds look like? It looks like a lot of the 499 other geocaches we’ve found. 
But it felt just a little bit more special. And it definitely looked different than our very first find back in 2012, when we started geocaching in the winter and had no clue what we were doing!
Between our first and our 500th, we have found geocaches of all shapes and sizes. They have been off the beaten track and in the middle of busy urban downtown’s. And we’ve searched and found them all over Ontario. We even logged finds on the Caribbean island of Curacao.  The one thing that has kept us going with this game, is that it continues to take us places where we would never go for any other reason and sparks our curiosity about our surroundings. How can you not love an adventure game like that?
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