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150 For 150 – An event for the history books

150 for 150 is a wrap and now a part of history. Like, officially part of history. It’s really hard to find the right words to describe what happened at that event. To be perfectly honest, as I reflect on the entire weekend of celebrations, scroll through my social media feeds and take in all the photos, comments and stories, I feel very emotional. Overwhelmed. Grateful. Proud to be a part of this incredible community.

Really, the biggest word that comes to mind is “Thanks”. (Which is then quickly followed by the word, “WOW”) Thanks to everyone who attended the event, bought stickers and shirts and generally supported us by sharing our content and your enthusiasm. Thanks for braving ridiculous weather. Thanks for being patient with a crew of paddling enthusiasts who have never planned a major event together but were trying their very best to make a vision come true.

Thanks to the Canoe Crew and event volunteers. I could write an entire post about you guys. You are passionate, dedicated, hilarious and now you are an extended family. That means you, too, Martin. And I’ll leave it at that because “What happens on Whitefish stays on Whitefish”.

Thanks to all of our sponsors and in particular Algonquin Outfitters, who donated incredible prizes, showed enthusiasm and support from the moment they found out about this event, loaned us the incredible North Canoe for our centerpiece and provided me and my family with a very special canoe to help mark this event.

And thanks to the Canoe Crew families. Like all of the others, Alex and Emma have been a part of the planning of this event from the moment seven months ago when I said, “Guess what we’re doing?!” This past weekend, both of them worked really hard right alongside all of the other families on the crew, through bug bites and downpours. Even Buddy had a role this weekend, making sure that he represented Jack Russell Adventure Dogs of the world and that everyone heard song of his people. *Sigh*

The weather on Sunday was miserable and we are all covered in mosquito bites. But the people who came out for the event were full of smiles and good will. The celebration was on, even if the sunshine was not! Laughter was a part of nearly every conversation. Friendships were made. Reunions were had. Introductions were held with outstretched hands and hugs.

I know a lot of you were there… I wish I had more time to connect with you. If you stopped me to introduce yourself, I really appreciate it, even though I seemed too busy to really chat.

You might be wondering about pics of the event. The Sometimes Eventful crew (including Buddy!) was so busy being part of the 150 for 150 Canoe Crew, we barely had a chance to take any photos. I’ve included some that Eventful Emma snapped on here phone in this post and that is about all I have to share from us. But don’t worry, I have been and will continue to share a lot of what I see on my Facebook and Twitter feeds. If you aren’t following me yet, just click on the links at the top of the page and give me a follow! Thanks to everyone who is posting their photos and stories to continue the memory of this incredible event.

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