Welcome to Sometimes Eventful

A note from Sometimes Eventful creator, Gayle Labuz

Getting outside, exploring, and doing stuff as a family is really important to me. I’ve seen first-hand how an outdoors-focused lifestyle has had an incredibly positive affect on our family in general, and on our daughter in particular as she grows up.

My family isn’t very different than a lot of other families. We work full time while our daughter goes to school and balances friends with a love for being at a dance studio every evening. I have aging parents who require my help and advocacy on a regular basis. Alex and I grew up in families that didn’t spend time in the outdoors at all.

This is exactly why I started my blog, Sometimes Eventful. People were always asking me about the stuff we did. And I found myself frequently giving advice and encouraging them to just get out there and try it. After all, if I could do these things so could my friends and family. Sometimes Eventful was born out of wanting to help people get outside and have some fun, while breaking down the idea that you need to be an epic adventurer to enjoy the benefits of an outdoor lifestyle.

Believe me… I am not an epic adventurer. I’m a middle-aged mom with a 9-5 desk job. I have graying hair and bad feet and I’m still trying to lose the baby fat I gained with my daughter, 13 years ago. I’m afraid of falling off of high things like cliffs or the edges of crevices, big rocks or rocky, unstable logs in a river. Spiders freak me out. But…. I’ve learned a few things along the way, and I’ve met some incredible people in the outdoors community. Now it’s time to pay it forward by sharing the stuff I’ve learned and seen with you. Because if I can do this whole outdoor thing, so can you.

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